Did you know that…

…Buchu was documented for the first time in 1652 by Dutch colonist.

…Buchu officially was  listed as a medicine in the British Pharmacopoeia in 1821.

…8 bales of Buchu were found on the Titanic’s manifest.

…Buchu is on the menus of more and more top South African restaurants, and was even used in the finals for Masterchef South Africa in 2015.

…the Khoi and San mixed the Buchu with sheep fat to keep their skin soft and smooth and as an insect repellent and deodorant.

…cooled Buchu tea can be used to treat pimples. The disinfectant effect inhibits the inflammation of the pimples. Just wash the face in the morning and evening with Buchu tea.

…Buchu also played a role in the oldschool online game RuneScape. You could start growing Buchu at Level 39. Combining the Buchu with one of the other herbs resulted in a potion.