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In 2013 a friend of us was telling about her last chemo treatment. This was in the back of a taxi in Cape Town. The taxi driver, used to Afrikaans so understanding Dutch, told that it was quite normal in South Africa to rinse with Buchu after chemo. She told they drink a few cups a day and clean the body by flushing out all the poison. Our friend went to the nearest drug store and bought a couple of  boxes Cape Moondance Buchu. After hearing this enthusiastic story we decided to buy this tea as well. Not because it was needed but  it tasted great and it certainly can’t hurt.

Curious I went on the internet searching for Buchu, trying to understand what it was and what it does. This made me even more enthusiastic. Buchu was a disinfectant and especially for the urinary tract. In 2012 I got a bladder infection, with symptoms of prostate inflammation. High fever, vomiting, no longer able to pee and I had elevated PSA values. Antibiotics and Tamsulosine solved that initially. But the bladder infection kept coming back on a ‘regular’ basis. I even got admitted to a hospital. What bothered me most were the side effects of Tamsulosine. With just 50 years on this globe I felt myself too young to take this medications for the rest of my life. So I changed the way I use to drink Buchu. Instead of drinking Buchu in the morning (for the best cleansing effect) I switched to drinking it in the evening. Despite the advice not to drink too much in the evening. I use to go to the bathroom 4 to 5 times per night. That number went down (not over night) to 3. Then back to two times. Now I go once a night and that is often just an hour before I normally get up. But what I find even more important, I stopped using Tamsulosine. Obviously I made decision together with my doctor.

hansIn 2015 we started Buchu Trading as the European importer for Cape Moondance Buchu tea. Convinced of the benefits I’m sure it can help many, like it helped me. I gave up my job at the end of 2015 to fully focus on Buchu. We now also import Skimmelberg organic Buchu and Rooibos, Sceletia Honeybush, Cape Kingdom Nutraceuticals and SOil organic essential oils. We ship to consumers in all European countries and sometimes outside of it. A European network of ambassadors.

Our mission: To enable everyone to naturally get well.

Hans van Willigen
There is no such thing as coincidence.

RTL in conversation with Hans van Willigen – 3min.
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