Green Buchu Smoothie
Try this amazing recipe for the ultimate Super Detox Cleansing Green Smoothie, after a ‘nice’weekend.



lemonmintIce tea (and Gin)
This is one of those wonderful refreshing summer drinks, but it’s great in Spring or at a nice Indian Summer day as well. If you want to give it a naughty twitch use the tea as a substitute for tonic in a nice Gin tonic.


flespompoen-butternutButternut squash soup
Butternut squash and Buchu combine very well. The Buchu lifts the sqaush.
This is a nutritious and filling soup. Recipe


Bulletproof Buchu
The current hype in the US in Buchu style.
Kick start your day Recipe


Pumpkin risotto and codKabeljauw (2)
Pumpkin and Buchu is a match made in heaven. Add the creaminess of  risotto and the salty cod to it and you have a delicious and beautiful dish.