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Skimmelberg Rooibos – Buchu tea is fully organic

  • 2.5g Rooibos per bag (2% Buchu)
  • 20 teabags air-tight wrapped in foil
  • 2 foils per box (total of 40 bags)

Skimmelberg Buchu tea is the only Buchu that is grown and produced 100% organic.

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This Rooibos contains a little Buchu. Too little to take full advantage of the benefits, but enough to give the Rooibos a wonderful fresh tone.

Rooibos contains many antioxidants. These are substances that neutralize oxidants (also called free radicals). Free radicals are electrically charged particles that are harmful to the body. They arise in the body during the aging process and through stress, but can also penetrate the body from outside through certain substances in, for example, food, medicine and alcohol or environmental pollution. Rooibosthee contains 50 times as many antioxidants as green tea.

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