Drunken Buchu pear in Ginger bread

When I turned 50, already a few years ago, we bought a retired pear tree from the generous donations. Retired as in, the tree was no longer productive enough for the pear farmer. We had two reasons to buy a pear tree. We live in the Betuwe, so then you feel more or less obliged to do something with fruit and the second reason is that the shapes of a pear tree are so beautifully erratic.

The first year the tree did not yield too many pears, but in the second year the tree was completely full. It were to many to eat them all. So we trade them with the neighbors for plums (jam) and hand out passionately. The next year again very little and the following year again very much. We thought we had discovered a pattern. A good year and a less good year. Last year was a good year and this year would be a less good year. So we asked a gardener if he wanted to prune the pear tree for us. The tree grew pretty much everywhere. The pruning shears did it’s job and the tree looked great. As we thought this would be a less good year for pears, the tree could devote itself entirely to recovery. Boy, what a wonderful summer we had and we never had that many pears. So get rid of the statistics and HELLO pears.

This was a long intro to tell you that I found a recipe with Buchu and pears. At least I thought so. It was a recipe from the BBC program ‘The Great South African Bake Off’. Below a link to the recipe. I haven’t tried it myself yet, but as soon as that happens I will share it with you.

Recipe for the Pear Fragipane

On a Sunday morning I took the recipe and I wanted to get started. After reading it at least three times, I thought, this won’t work. My grandfather was a pastry chef and I love to bake on a Sunday morning, while the rest of the family is still asleep, but the recipe just wasn’t right. So I Googled on pear recipes and dessert with stewed pears. I thought, if it was good to combine the buchu in a dish with pears, then it should also be possible in another recipe. I found a recipe at Broma Bakery. Drunken pear ginger bread. I tried that one and added some Buchu to it. The buchu is really an enrichment.

You’ll find the recipe here. Drunken Buchu pear in Ginger bread.

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