Buchu water

With this beautiful, almost tropical, weather you have to remember to drink enough. Certainly if you have had bladder inflammation regularly, drinking and rinsing in your system. But water or hot tea all day long isn’t that nice. As with everything, variation is important.

In South Africa they have a soda water that is based on Buchu. It is completely sugar free and wonderfully refreshing and super healthy. The water is  for sale in most supermarkets. This water is made by mixing spring water with Buchu oil.

Originally, Buchuwater is a by-product of the Buchu oil preparation. To make Buchu oil, huge stainless steel boilers are filled with Buchu. The boilers are closed and under high pressure steam is forced through the boilers, so that the oil is released from the Buchu leaves. When the steam cools (condenses) the oil floats on the water. This water is drained and what is left is pure Buchu oil and …….Buchuwater. This water is very popular with the local population for its positive qualities. In order to produce one liter of Buchu oil, you need 100 kilos of dry Buchu leaf.

Buchulife has turned this process around again. By adding a little Buchu oil to spring water, they have been able to develop a delicious and healthy soft drink without any sugars.

Now for the hobby distillers we have Buchu leaf. Per bag of 100 grams, but also of a kilo. Enough for 1ml and 10ml oil and a few liters Buchuwater respectively. If you do not have this hobby, then underneath is a way to make some  Buchu water (lool-a-like).

What do you need for 1 liter of Buchu water

Put the Buchu in a jug and pour the water on it. Let it stand for at least 10 minutes.
Pour it in and enjoy the surprisingly refreshing taste. You can add some lime (lemon is often too acidic).

What I find convenient is those jugs that have a fruit filter. The leaves or pouches can be  in there and then easily removed later.

Tip if you empty the jug, fill it again with water immediately. You definitely want a second glass.
Just let the old tea sit in and add half of the fresh Buchu.

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2 thoughts on “Buchu water

  1. Hallo Buchu,

    Ik heb het geprobeerd, echt heel erg lekker en lekker fris. Wat me alleen opvalt is dat het theezakje bovenin blijft drijven.

  2. Hallo Christine,

    Ja dat klopt. De bubbels in het bruiswater zorgen ervoor dat de zakjes (blaadjes) bovenin blijven drijven. Zelf heb ik een fruitkan. In de ruimte voor het fruit gooi ik de zakjes en daar boven op wat ijsblokjes. die houden het zakje beneden.Werkt prima. Groet Hans

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