Bladder infection! – Cranberry or Buchu?

My answer will not come as a surprise. Of course, Buchu will work better fighting a bladder infection. But let me try to explain why.

The question
Can you better use Buchu or cranberry when suffering from a bladder infection?


The answer
Cranberry is healthy. It contains lots of vitamin C and it also contains so-called proanthocyanidins. These actually cause the bacteria to adhere less well to the bladder wall. Incidentally you will find proanthocyanidins also in cinnamon (factor 20) and cocoa powder (factor 4). Furthermore, cranberry contributes to reducing the body’s pH value. Due to the current way we eat (lots of sugars, coffee etc) we acidify our body. Cranberries help the body to make this acidity more neutral.

cranberry cranberriesHowever, to fully utilize the good properties of cranberries you must eat a lot of cranberries. Something that does not work for the stomach too well. The solution is therefore cranberry juice, but it is almost always sweetened. The sugar in the juice completely undermines the effect. It is also often found here that the concentration of active substances is not high enough. The concentration of proanthocyanidins in juice is 30 times smaller than in the fruit itself. The reason for this is that the active substances are in the skin of the berry. Also when you drink too much cranberry juice, you increase the risk of kidney stones. The best are therefore the cranberry pills or capsules. Always check the amount of active substances. It is also advisable to take time-release capsules so that the active substances are released only after passing the stomach.

Recent research and the updated review of Cochrane Library has shown that the active substances are effective at a very small number of e. coli bacterial strains. This survey is conducted by 4500 people. The conclusion is that Cranberry tablets can help prevent bladder infection during the period you are sensitive to it, but it is absolutely not strong enough to cure an existing bladder infection. If you are interested in reading the review click here

Buchu blaasontstekingBuchu works in a totally different way. On the one hand, Buchu stimulates the production of urine and therefor flush the bladder. The other very important effect is that it is bactericidal. It simply kills the bacteria. The substance in Buchu responsible for this is called Diophenol. Diosphenol is the most important component in Buchu. Diosphenol is antiseptic and mild diuretic. It therefore stimulates the kidneys to create more urine and, more importantly, it is kills the bacteria. The second major substance is Quercetin. This is a very powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory inhibitor. It also helps to alleviate inflammatory pain. Rutin improves blood circulation and has a positive effect on blood pressure. These three components together with Diosmin, Hesperidin, Vitamin A, B and E provide the positive properties of Buchu when it comes to combating bladder inflammation.

If you have a bladder infection, make sure you drink at least 4 cups of Buchu tea a day. If you are cured from your bladder infection, drink 1 cup of Buchu tea a day as maintenance. Best to drink it in the evening.

Does Buchu also have disadvantages.
Except that 5 out of 100 people really do not like it (they can try the Mint version) there is 1 disadvantage. It is better not to use Buchu if you are pregnant.

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