7 tips to avoid a bladder infection

If you once have experienced a bladder infection on the first hand, then you know once is enough. Nothing more annoying than having to urinate, but do not dare because it’s painful. You have to go but you know it’s close to nothing. We have gathered 7 tips for to avoid this inconvenience.

7 tips om een blaasontsteking te voorkomen

Tip 1: Drink plenty
Tip 2: Pee on time
Tip 3: Lake after intercourse
Tip 4: Do not use soap
Tip 5: Wear cotton underwear
Tip 6: Provide warm feet
Tip 7: Drink Buchu tea

Drink enough. By drinking enough the bladder will receive urine regularly and the urge to urinate will increase. By urinating the bladder is rinsed. Drinking enough fluids is a relative term. According to the scientists, this is 1.5 to 2 liters per day. Tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages may be included in this count. Note that coffee and alcohol have a diuretic effect. This ensures that the kidney return too little pre-urine to the blood and cause you to dry out. So take a glass of water every now and then. One of the reasons why you always get a small glass of water with your coffee when you’re in Italy. The second reason is to rinse your mouth before you drink coffee ?

Never hold your pee. This applies to women, but especially for men. The probability of an enlargement of the prostate increases significantly, causing more difficulty to complete emptying of the bladder. It is important that you fully empty the bladder. This will prevent urine (and possible bacteria) to remain in the bladder. A big source of infection. Again some extra attention for the men. Urinate sitting down, if possible. Firstly you’re better able to relax so it’s easier for you to empty your bladder completely. Secondly, it is more hygienic, not at least with a bladder infection. Third, the ladies will thank you for this.

Urinate after intercourse. Any harmful bacteria are immediately washed away. Cystitis coming back constantly after intercourse, also called a honeymoon cystitis. Probably because women (and men) during and after the honeymoon had, due to an increased sexual activity,  regularly suffered from a bladder infection. Good hygiene – for both partners – can also prevent much harm. Again, it is also wise for men to urinate and wash after intercourse.

Use as little soap as possible. Soap has a negative effect on the pH-value. It causes a disturbance of the acidity. This wrong acidity can be a cause of a bladder infection. Also beware of the vaginal douches (vaginal lavage). A normal, healthy woman does not need rinsing. The strong chemicals that are in the shower solution, may damage the cells in the wall of the vagina. Moreover, the beneficial bacteria, which ensure that no infection can occur, are washed away and this stops the self-cleaning function of the vagina.

Wear cotton underwear. Plastic (nylon panties) underwear creates a brooding environment in which bacteria feel comfortable. Cotton underwear (not too tight) causes the body to breathe. This has a positive effect on (yes there it is again) the acidity of the genitals.

Avoid cold feet. On your socks or barefoot on a cold floor, allows for rapid cooling of the body. Basically cold doesn’t cause a bladder infection, but by cold the blood vessels narrow and thus provide poorer circulation. A less well vascularised bladder wall has more difficulty with a beginning infection than a well perfused bladder wall. If you think you have a starting cystitis, dress up warm. Especially the feet and legs. Just make sure it is done with natural materials.

Drink Buchu tea. By drinking Buchu you assure yourself of sufficient liquids. Buchu contains no caffeine or theine. Buchu is inflammatory. This has the advantage that the anti-inflammatory effects are already active before the infection can really kick in. Also in the narrow channels of the prostate, where a normal antibiotics can mean little, it has a positive effect. Because of these reasons the inspection board KOAG / KAG certified Buchu as an agent supports a positive environment in the urinary tract and bladder. Drink a four cups of Buchu tea per day when having a bladder infection. Drink one cup of Buchu as a maintenance dose.

For anyone who can count, this is actually tip 8. If you have a bladder infection and also have a fever you should always consult your GP!


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